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Female Reproductive Area.
That young ladies hoochiepap was about to bust out of her Thong.
Did you see that bulging hoochiepap?
by Bassard Cat April 01, 2011
Pronounced Puck-gam-mit.
Any unidentified material sticking to you or floating near you. Often found on your face as you exit the swimming area.
Hey man! You got some puckgammit sticking to your lig.
What the f--k is that Puckgammit around the conner of your mouth?
What is that puckgammit on your face?

Mamma! sissie has Puckgammit running down her leg.
What is that Puckgammit growing around the tub drain.
Whatch out! There is puckgammit floating by your head!
by Bassard Cat April 01, 2011
Any one from the Florida Panhandle the fishes for a living and get blistered from the Sun regulaly.

Girls from the Florida Panhandle that Drink, Smoke, Cuss
and get Blistered from the Sun regularly.

Someone that spends a majority of time on their backs
for money or pleasure and gets blistered from the sun regularly.
Dude! We went to the beach last weekend, hooked up with some local Raw Backs and had a blast.
Do all these Raw Backs wear white rubber boots?
Mamma! Is Alyssa a Raw Back because her blistered back is so nasty?
Do not f--k with the local Raw Backs! they will beat you senseless.
by Bassard Cat April 01, 2011

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