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A place where you learn many new things and helpful subjects such as math, science, Social studies, language arts, etc. It is commonly disliked by many people, such as me, although i realize without it i'd work at McDonald's or have no job at all.

Immature trolls on urbandictionary.com like to trash it and think it's funny to say it's the devil's house and make complete asses of themselves.
Joe: Hey Bob, I just got promoted to an executive manager, and get paid $100,000+ a year now! I'm glad i worked hard in school!

Bob: School? Oh yeah, that thing. I slept through it all. I need a new Mikkie D's shirt, but they won't provide 1 for me. oh well. Now I'll go get a job at Burger king.
by BassDude12321 June 28, 2004

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