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A person who is completely oblivious to things asked five minutes ago. When asked for help goes to 748329 people before you because of forgetful tendencies. Usually a home and careers teacher.
She also has yeah battles with some people even though a ptak is usually also oblvious to that(see example) Everyday has lipstick in teeth and it isn't really easy to tell just what color a ptak's hair is.
A Ptak may also trap people after school to finish sewing their sweaters for class.
"Shut up Diane!"

Dylan:"So ptak, is this due tomorrow?"
Ptak:"Yeah, yeah it's due tomorrow"
Dylan:"Oh? Yeah yeah yeah yeah"
Ptak:"Yeah, yeah"

Ryan: "Shit man you pulled a Ptak, you forgot about the test"
by basket cockle April 03, 2006
A fiend like person
A made up word that makes a person either sound odd, silly, or bad.
"Shut up you mulp"

"You want to hit this joint Mulp?"

"Mulp beast"
by Basket Cockle April 03, 2006

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