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When you have been cut off from your World of Warcraft account, either by parents or by the moderators, and the only way to express yourself is to go into uncontrollable rage.
Such attributes are: Guttural yelling, Clenched eyes, severe body spasms, and high-pitched squeeling.

People with WoW deficiency should be avoided, in which a single social interaction can set them off.

Can also be associated with Runescape other such mind-rotting online games
"Dude, why has Faggy Craiggy all messed up today? he had all these seizures and shit during class"

"Oh, his mom cut off his WoW account yesterday, so he basically imploded, so now he's suffering from WoW deficiency"

"Cool! get video camera ready, today's gonna be a good day!"

"Fuck no, get it yourself"

...Awkward silence...
#wow #mmorpg #rage #lol #nerd
by Baseball Maria September 30, 2009
A phrase used when not listening to someone when your're talking to them, probably because your eyes are attached some girls ass, or you're staring at the guys mole.
"Hey man, what's up?"

"Yeah, okay"

"Cool, wanna go into my room and do... something?"

"Yeah, okay"

"let's go!"

"Yeah, okay"

=5 mins later=

"Dude, you've been staring at that girls ass, are you gay or not?"

"Yeah okay"
#okay #sure #whatever #yeah #lol
by Baseball Maria October 03, 2009
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