3 definitions by Bart Mancuso

The act of ripping a bongload, then downing a beer bong before exhaling the smoke. A variation on a "submarine"
Dude I'm so wasted, I just busted a Down Periscope with a fatty loader of kush and 3 silver bullets.
by Bart Mancuso February 09, 2010
When a given sports team or player gets ridiculously preferential treatment from a referee.

Comes from the way English football club Manchester United get obvious preferential treatment from referees in the English Premier League.
"Dude did you see the blown call in that game last night? Total Man U shit"
by Bart Mancuso April 09, 2010
The act of ripping a bongload then chugging a beer before exhaling the smoke.
Dude did you see that guy at the party do a submarine and pass out on the floor? Classic.
by Bart Mancuso February 09, 2010

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