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someone who is super hot.
like a radiator.
girl: yo. what up?

guy: did it hurt when you fell? you know, the fall from heaven? cuz girl, you must be an angel.

girl: nah, i'm just schwank that's all.
by barT May 02, 2003
Pronunciation: 'wE-nus
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin prickus maximus
1 a : a highly irritable soft white domestic male (Pussus Whoopus) closely related to the common spineless rat (Rodentus Stinkus).
Kevin Dagget Sales Consultant Master is a weinus.
#weinus #weinii #pussy #wuss #jerkface #rat toothed bastard
by Bart June 14, 2006
Means heavy
Your mum lets your girl sleep over and u say Toot Toot
by Bart November 22, 2003
Irish slang word for a violent punch or slap.
That bollix was annoying the shit out of me so I hit him a flake.
by bart September 28, 2004
To be terribly bad and usually in last place, much like WFNX in Boston, MA.
"Dude, you were FNX in that last race you ran. What... someone chop your ankles off?"
by Bart June 17, 2003
To have your asshole reamed full with a cock, fist, gerbil, dildo.
"My ass is sore after a good quality plugging, but after squeling like a pig, it sure feels like all that is holy."
by Bart June 04, 2003
A mixed drink made by Bart Bazzle which has a cup and a half of tea, half a cup of pepsi, and two shots of vodca.
High class drinker: I'll have one Bazzle please.
Bartender: That'll be $30.
by Bart February 18, 2005
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