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Kickin' rad redheaded fox with green eyes
There was a morde along the other day. SHe was da bomb.
by Bart December 09, 2003
A word created by two devious young men. Meaning to go have anal sex (ussually male on male).
"Hey, Jim. Wanna go drop hats?"
by Bart November 08, 2004
a "jack of all trades" verbal mutant, it can be a noun, verb or an adjective.

refers to anything in it's most extreme form (either good or bad), or anything toxic (i.e. a cigarette, beer or drugs). it can even be an exclamation.
Did you see Greg just puke?

I'm going to the bar. Anybody need a tored?

Did you see that hot piece of ass? She was tored.

Did you see that beast of a women? She was tored.

by Bart February 18, 2004
the act of 'poking' your hand up somebody's bum bum.
similar to a credit card but without the slide action.
gimme a break. gimme a break. stop f*#@ing kit kating me.
by barT April 17, 2003
Leet Screenname Im me to trade!
by Bart June 12, 2003
Someone who totaly ownz me
DrKupo owns me.
by Bart August 30, 2003
The art of "wahooing" beer/liquor is practiced by underage individuals who carry the alcohol in question up to the cashier, throw a substantial amount of currency on the counter that is well in excess of the sticker price of the alcohol in question, and run out the door. E.g., $20 for a 12-pack. The idea being, the store or cashier gets to pocket some "hush money" not to pursue the issue.
by bart October 28, 2003

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