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47 definitions by Bart

Porn star Peter North is noted for his large cumshots.
by Bart September 14, 2002
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Person who is nice to someone else to gain an advantage
SHe used him to get an A in the class.
by Bart March 24, 2004
129 57
Common Irish term for a country dweller or someone unfamiliar with urban life. These creatures thrive on Hang sandwiches and warm Fanta orange.
A: What's that funny looking thing in the corner?
B: That's a television you stupid mucksavage.
by Bart September 23, 2004
63 10
To invite yourself into a conversation. to chime in, to come in with being invited etc. May be told to chime out, if you chimed in
josh: hi rick
rick; hey slong
josh: what u do on the weekend
*chris runs up and stands inbetween them both and says*
chris: i went on the boat
rick: chime out chris
by Bart September 30, 2003
64 20
Jobless individual depending on their income from the state, i.e they 'draw' the dole.
A: I hear Mr Fothington-Smythe is without gainful employment these days, ey Wilson?

B: Yes M'Lord that uselss scrounging lazy feckless washed up cunt is a governemt artist.

A: Ah what witty reparte Wilson.
by bart September 23, 2004
52 12
An Irish rural persons attempt at the word Ham, most commonly used in reference to a sandwich or 'sammich' to make a hangsammich the staple diet of all red necks making the trip to Dublin to watch "de hurlin" a gladiatorial style of combat that makes Russell Crowe look like a big pansy
Here Boy get that washp away from my hangsammich
by bart September 23, 2004
100 64
An alcoholic drink that has been adulterated with a drug that causes the drinker to pass out, typically chloral hydrate.
When John woke up naked in an alley behind the bar, he figured that the bartender had slipped him a Micky Finn.
by Bart January 07, 2005
29 8