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The need to defecate, make a doody, make a number two,to poop
Having finished my meal, I turned to my friends and said, I really must be wagging the brown tail.After a meal of that scope I had to wag the brown tail, almost immediately.Ron ran to the bathroom clutching his buttocks-shreiking "I need to wag the brown tail!!!"
by Barsinister September 30, 2006
The act of placing two hands,palm to palm,inside an orifice,usually an anus or vagina,then pulling hands apart-while keeping fingertips touching.This motion when performed correctly,mimics the action of bellows being used on a fireplace.
I gave her the bellows for a treat last night.Being that she loves all forms of sexual humiliation,she asked for the bellows, and I obliged.
by Barsinister September 04, 2006
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