1 definition by Barry Uer and Dirk Wynston

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a)The concept of dowding the lily in a lyrical format.


b)A Generic nightmare scenario.


c)A person less desirable than the recognised national average of personalised wellness.
a)Friend, commence with creating an undulating flow of electropathic waves through the cathode ray tube image discharge dispenser at once, i do wish to indulge myself with serial outputs of intellectually devoid entertainment. (Put the TV on)

b)A lad meets a girl at a nightclub. Gets langered. Goes back to hers to thrust his turgor leatherhead between her labial pincers. Towards commencement of semen secretion, he finds that she has placed a funnel up his rectal passage. Upon ecstatic euphoric explosion of ejaculate, he finds he has soiled himself uncontrollably. In shame he goes to the toilet to wash himself, upon returning he finds her on a plastic sheet rubbing the faecal stools into her morally disturbed crevices. (Nightmare scenario)

c)The Leatherhead Barton is fodder.
by Barry Uer and Dirk Wynston June 19, 2008

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