2 definitions by Barry Shlong

A penis. Birch branch is another word for the male genitals due to its shape.
If I felt this person's crotch area, would I find a birch branch?
by Barry Shlong May 26, 2008
The annoying abbreviation of the drink Southern Comfort which the marketing department at the brand has tried to force onto us with it's poorly made advertisements containing various nonentities repeating "SoCo for anyone?" "Let's get SoCo" again and again and again in a lame attempt to have their own version of "JD" the widely used abbreviation of Jack Daniels.
Jim: "Hey, Soco for anyone?"
Tom: "Erm no you dick, but I will have a Southern Comfort...Actually, come to think of it, I'll have a JD."
by Barry Shlong July 31, 2008

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