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When your ass gets wet from working to hard, and the shit inside your anus is being washed in, and you have to go wipe, thats butt sweat.

Oh sorry, its just a little butt sweat
by Barry Manilow March 31, 2003
gets power-hungry when drunk, doesnt know his ass from his penis.
Drool Boy IS the loopback man
by Barry Manilow March 29, 2003
buttstabber goatse
Obnoxius butt-hole who gets his kicks from mocking the Catholic church, sex-offenders and goatse.
That snoogit would buttstab the goatse man if he could
by Barry Manilow March 27, 2003
A statement highlighting that a particular wish is never going to come true. A polite confirmation by one person of a massive misconception by another
Toots asked Miss Holloway was it just him she skip skip skipped with. She replied 'We seem to have this conversation on a monthly basis!
see if you just went with the flow, maybe you'd get a pleasant super surprise!!'. He sighed that day and cried that evening.
by Barry Manilow July 08, 2004

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