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Depending on his mood, this creature can be big or small; public or private. He will come out of his cage and play when he is in a state of elation; and when depressed, he tends to stay hidden from the outside world. He doesn't always have to be depressed in order to hide; sometimes he just wants to be by himself and "hang out", so to speak. Sometimes he needs to be "private" - having not the urge, nor the desire, to be looked at, touched, kissed, have his picture taken, shake hands with Hillary Clinton, etc. The Lizard has been in many different places; generally wet areas. He often finds himself in "canals" of some sort, and in "mouths" of rivers. This tends to happen when The Lizard (or "Thick Lizzy" as he is nicknamed),has been drinking too much alcohol. The Lizard always wears a protective suit, however, when he swims in impure waters. Sometimes he just wants to put his feet in the water, without going all the way in...but most times, he thrusts right into the water and hits the ocean floor! In any event, Thick Lizzy is sure to get suited up...and that "suits" him just fine. (No pun intended).
Like many other creatures, The Lizard enjoys being petted - by women.
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
Any Italian female. Whopparinas love to cook, pray, and have babies.
"Eh Luigi, hava pieca pizza!", shouted the Whopparina.
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
A deragotory word for policemen who ride motorcycles.
"Vroom, vroom, rev it up, copper - ride with your badge-wearin buddies...'pigs on hogs'".
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
A male who lives out in the country. Like a cabbage girl, a shitkicker usually lives on a farm.
Girls go for the shitkickers; women go for the city boys.
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
Two black people (usually men) on motorcycles. ("chocolate" referring to the color black, and "Chips" from the TV cop show, in which the policemen rode motorcycles.
"Dude, get a load of those Chocolate Chips!...real Chocolate Chips, riding through Phelps of all places!"
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
1. A name given to a female who lives out in the country, especially on a farm.

2. Any female who resides (or works) in an area where sauerkraut and/or cabbage is prevalent.
"I know me a cabbage girl...can't tell ya her name, I think she done liked a dago before, and he felt just the same".
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
A baby Italian boy; the son of a Whopper.
My fat mama had a Whopper Junior last night!
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005

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