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Really good, great, etc., from The King Of Queens where Doug makes up the word on a card to Carrie
"You are nothing less to me than a bilgistic pile of love meat"
"That's not very bilgistic of you"
"I'm not the one that's bilgistic, you're the one that's bilgistic"
by Barry Lemon August 03, 2007
Whenever people (e. g. car salesmen, politicians, police/security, etc.) say whatever they need to to get you to do what they want
When that salesman said I won a big prize in a contest he was lying out the ass!
by Barry Lemon August 31, 2013
When the price of beer all of a sudden goes up quite a bit at all your favorite bars after only a few months
"What's the deal with the price increase?"
"I dunno, guess it's beerflation"
by Barry Lemon April 19, 2013
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