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(1) A Government-funded amateur flying club (2) An organization composed of prima dona aeronautical wannabes who were unable to find employment in the private sector. (3) A civilianized baby sister of Marine and Army Aviation whose song was written by the "Army Air Corps wives" (you read that right)(4) A misleading service with illusionary airmen who think they are on the same level of honor as the Marines as they drive from their air conditioned quarters to in their air conditioned cars to their air conditioned work stations.
The airmen of this branch themselves serve as an example of the entire Air Force as they can easily be picked out of a line by being a pitiful, chair-borne, public assistance program reject. A useless person whose lack of initiative, intellect, and physical stamine renders him incapable of finding employment elsewhere.
by Barrett Nance November 28, 2006

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