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Or Woah-oh-my-god slurred together.
an extremity to the term omg
I don't know!!!!
by Barrel roll** March 25, 2005
"The gibbles" is what a double chin becomes when it reaches its max size..>_<
only librarians can have this.
**Never look directly at the gibble!! It may wink at you and give you nightmares!!**
WOAH!!!! Dude What the hell is that thing?!
It moved I swear!!!
AHHHHHHHH it winked at me NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
by Barrel roll** March 25, 2005
1. to "WoW" ones self.
2. to become consumed in wow.
3. a deep trance that can only be achieved when playing an MMORPG.
Morgan stop WoWing yourself!!!
by Barrel roll** March 25, 2005
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