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A poorly made or buggy piece of software. See also daikatana.
I hate RealPlayer! It's such a homogram!
by Baron von Eevl August 19, 2004
A mixed drink consisting of Pepto-bismol and vodka.
Last night I got hammered on gay russians, but at least I didn't get sick.
by Baron von Eevl July 28, 2004
Biatch: "A stronger and particular form of the word 'Bitch'. Commonly used when there are too many bitches around, and the user want to highlight the particular one of interest."

A further exemplification of 'biatch.'
-Hey, chatch, whats up?
-Way to go, chatch
-Stop being such a chatch and drive me to Tiajuana
by Baron von Eevl July 28, 2004
A chilled beverage containing feces and ice. Put feces and ice into a blender, mix until an even consistency forms. Enjoy!

(see Cleveland steamer)
Man, Paul sure likes his Cleveland Freezers. He's been drinking them all day.
by Baron von Eevl September 15, 2004

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