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A Hard Drive on any computer that contains a serious amount of Porn (Jazz)

There should be at least a 70 / 30 ratio in favour of the porn over everyday applications, like Windows
I must have over 70 Gig's of Porn on my Jazz Drive
by Baron Rouge February 05, 2009
Slang for a Blow Job AKA Nosh

Normally said down south but its creeping back up North

Cockney ryming at its best - Josh = nosh = Blow job - Fellatio
Went out last night and this bird gave me a Rogan Josh
by Baron Rouge February 10, 2009
The pattern of excrement usual found splattered on the rear of a toilet or even in your pants. The explosion marks normally left when a bowl movement leaves your anus at high velocity, leaving stripes across the said toilet or underpants.

“Holey Moley Matt, looks like you have a Tigers face in your Boxers”

"My god Mike, someone has left a tigers face in the Bog"
by Baron Rouge February 19, 2009
A form of software used by artard's when role playing online, examples of games can be the soul destroying World of Warcraft.

The average user is normally in their 20's, still living at home, no girlfriend and probably a little fat. Hence being an Artard.

This was made famous by a youtube video of one such Artard playing World of Warcraft then shouting "Leroy Jenkins!!!" and also made well know on an episode of South Park
I will be playing World of Warcraft tonight whilst using Team Speak to speak to my fellow Artards.
by Baron Rouge February 10, 2009

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