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Coined by Hadouken! during a ravenous sing song, a girl who wears polka dot dresses and has hair resembling that of a Lego lady. Often these people attend public school (or private school if your American) and are scenesters.

Often seen buying beads in ''alternative'' outlets and behaving moodily. A common misconception of these people is that they may have received some form of botox in the lips due to an irregular and permanent myspace pout or pulling a screwface.

Often indie cindy’s and their complimentary pink-polo and tight black jeaned male friends do not realise they are not needed at gigs and provide embarrassment for themselves and give bands they follow a bad reputation.

Apparently highly contagious, the QUELP Knights are currently searching for a cure; although the breed may eventually kill themselves if they chose to cross the road rather than going down the street.
''That girls and indie cindy; lego hair cut and polka do dress, i don't care if she thinks she's indie, how she's different is anyone's guess''

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