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An oddly-shaped, rock-solid and gnarled turd, which leaps out at speed from behind you and casts a painful spell on your ringpiece.
Jesus my arse is sore! Bastard Bum Goblin!
by Baron Of Stuff November 06, 2007
A bottsman. With shit on his helmet.
"You comin' out with us down Brighton tonight?"

"Fuck off, you brown hatter! I know what you lot do on a night out!"
by Baron Of Stuff November 10, 2007
To shag, fuck, bang.
I'm out on the pull tonight. Some girl's gonna be put to the sword.
by Baron Of Stuff November 06, 2007
Dog shit. Barker's Rope.
What's that smell?

Ah shit, think I've trodden on some hound cable.
by Baron Of Stuff November 06, 2007
To have the Turtle's Head, to be Touching Cloth. An emergency situation involving Mr. Brown
Oh Jesus! Mr. Brown is at the window, excuse me a minute whilst I see him off.
by Baron Of Stuff November 06, 2007
1.) A short, fat shit.

2.) A short, fat, shit 'comedian'.
"Hmmm... before I go see Chubby Brown tonight, I'll drop a Chubby Brown down the bog..."
by Baron Of Stuff April 01, 2008
Dog shit,Hound Cable.
I wouldn't take a shortcut through there - it's boobytrapped with reams of Barker's Rope.
by Baron Of Stuff November 06, 2007

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