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Severely overweight woman with any of the following :
1) Thick facial hair
2) Hairy chest
3) Fucked up Grill (teeth)
4) Wears bedsheet size clothing
5) Has her own gravitational pull
At the club today, did you see that nasty ass OBEAST!
by Baro, J', Javo May 07, 2003
When attempting to eat a girl out while severly drunk, and then, vomiting inbetween her thighs.
Did you have a NEWYORK TACO after drinking to much Jeiger last night?
by Baro, J', Javo May 07, 2003
A reference to a non homosexual individual who farts persentantly and putridly.
I worked out with Javo in the gym last night and he had me lifting weights in the corner when his 2mm cannon was going off.
by Baro, J', Javo May 07, 2003
A term hen unsure if a friend is having either Japanesse Sushi or Pussy for his lunch break.
Hey man, are you taking a long lunch for CHUCHI?
by Baro, J', Javo May 07, 2003
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