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When three or more venereal warts grow in a straight line on the shaft of a penis. Not to be confused with an Oklahoma biscuit.
That skank chipped a tooth on my Pennsylvania ridge line so I punched her.
#warts #penis #shaft #vd #oklahoma biscuit #speed bumps #ribbed
by Barnwood January 20, 2012
An Oklahoma biscuit is a large, grotesque, venereal wart covering the entire head of a penis. Not to confused with a Pennsylvania ridge line
That girl is so ugly, it looks like someone pounded her in the face with an Oklahoma Biscuit
#pennsylvania ridge line #genital warts #love bumps #vd #canopy
by Barnwood January 20, 2012
Someone with the ability to convince themselves and their feeble minded followers that they are relevant, when in reality they function primarily, as a skank ass, sperm gurgling, cum bucket.
OMG, I used to let my daughter listen to Miley Cyrus, but after she Kardoucheaned on that music show she is whore non grata in this house.
#skank #whore #douche #kardashian #kanye
by Barnwood July 14, 2014
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