2 definitions by Barney Johnson

A quick, simple and discreet way of describing to somebody else that you you cum all over her face. You make eye contact with a friend, hold your hand to your face and make a circular motion indicating you'd cover her face in cum.
Tom: Hey, Jeff, look at the chick in the tube top(makes circular motion over face with hand). All over her face, right?
Jeff: Yeah.
by Barney Johnson November 17, 2007
The pepermint swirl involves beating your girlfriend in the face until she starts to bleed, while at the same time fucking her. Then before cumming, pull out and jizz on her face in a swirling like motion. The Perpermint Swirl.
Would you like a pepermint swirl? It's like a facial on Christmas morning, but with a new "twist."
by Barney Johnson November 17, 2007

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