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4 definitions by Barndon A

another way of saying blowjob
Asshole Guy: I got a jeff smoker from this stupid chick in the closet a few days ago, it was great!
by Barndon A November 06, 2005
124 24
A very cheap and worthless cigar that is purchased at a gas station or a local 711
"Im going to go up to mobil and buy myself a nice cigart for 79 cents"
by Barndon A November 21, 2005
20 4
to spend a large amount of time looking around on myspace. normally, throughout that time you find interesting information on people that you know.
through my myspacecapades, i figured out that this one player was going out with 3 chicks at the same time.
by Barndon A January 05, 2006
1 1
to take an overly large puff on your cigar or cigart
"Look at this man, im gonna take a schmith hit"
*guy dies from tobbaco inhalation*
by Barndon A December 10, 2005
2 2