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When visiting a festival event that runs for a number of days (such as Glastonbury) a festibeard is grown through not shaving during said event. This can be as a simple function of ease considering inadequate access to bathroom facility or a test of manliness. In the case of the latter it's common to shave immediately before the festival to see how far the beard will grow over the allotted time scale.
"Oh man, I grew a massive festibeard but had to shave it off when I went back to work."

"You grew all that in just three days?! That's one fuck off festibeard!"
by Barnard17 July 02, 2009
A portmanteau of "wrong" and "hole", made into one word because when these two are used in unison they're screamed during a jumbled panic.

To wronghole or be wrongholed is almost exclusively exceptionally painful for both parties and never intentional. That's not to say that to wronghole can never be intended but this definition does not deal with that. For this reason the past "too late, it's been done" tense version of the word deserves a separate entry to the standard wronghole entry.

Wrongholing most commonly happens when at least the male party is drunk, and also most commonly during doggy style coitus due to physics and biology. There are, however, risks in any position. It is the event whereby the old vaginal in out has reached such impetus that the member slips out. Usually due to alcohol consumption leading to arrogance and slow wits, the male is determined that on the return stroke re-entry shall occur perfectly and smoothly, nobody will notice and things will carry on as normal.

This is never what happens. Instead wrongholing occurs at high speed with devastatingly insufficient lubricant. It wasn't intentional, it wasn't planned, it wasn't sinister but somewhere along the ling the pecker ignored the glowing beacon of the welcoming poontang and headed straight for the rectum. Sex will stop for AT LEAST the next 5 minutes, if you're lucky, while you both roll around in the foetal position feeling pitifully sorry for yourselves.

That is to be wrongholed.
"Oh man, we got back from the pub the other night and while getting jiggy with it I wrongholed her. She wouldn't let me carry on and made me sleep on the sofa."
by Barnard17 July 05, 2009

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