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When women look attractive, but only when in a group but, individually they look like Nunavut sled dogs

*Also called: The Bridesmade Paradox, the Sorority Girl Syndrome
Tim: Wow, those chicks are hot
Barney: No, they're not, you have just fallen for the Cheerleader Effect*
by Barnabus E. Stinson December 10, 2009
When an over 30 year old couple see babies, they seem to want to have one
*A baby in a stroller is pushed past a couple*

Couple: AWWWW

Man: Lets have a baby!

Woman: YEAH, I love babies, I want one!

Friend: It looks as though you two have a case of the Baby Fever
by Barnabus E. Stinson December 10, 2009
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