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A wonderful girl, one who can make your day just by smiling at you. She doesn't think she's very pretty, but she's gorgeous. Just holding her in your arms makes you feel, if only for that moment, that life is ok. And her brown eyes are sa-weet. When they look at you, you feel giddy. She's as close to perfect as a guy could ever get. And don't get me started on her kiss...
You: "I met this really nice girl today, and now I believe in love at first sight. Weird, huh?"
Me: "Was her name Kelsey D?"
You: "OMG, you're a freakin' sorceror! How did you know?"
Me: "Because Kelsey is just that awesome. She smile at you?"
You: "Yeah, I think my heart stopped for a second..."
Me: "You are one lucky bastard..."
by BarlCries November 19, 2009

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