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A good fun alternative to life.
Sex, career, friends, money and power. All
of these things are just distractions trying to pull you away from World of Warcraft
by Barkley Wite April 05, 2005
A progressive rock group that came into being in the late 60's. Become famous after original frontman Syd Barret fried his brain on LSD and left the group, got new guitarist Dave Gilmour and released "Dark Side of the Moon" which had the longest reign in the billboard top 100 ever. Music sounds futuristic, but old school, Sort of like when they travel to the future in "Back to the Future 2" and everything looked hyper 80's. PinK Floyd started sucking 1980 onwards.
Im gonna go on a spiritual journey, ive got a couple of ounces and my dad's copy of Pink Floyds Dark Side of the moon.
by Barkley Wite April 05, 2005

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