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When you have been sitting down for a prolonged period of time, so the base of one's arse cheeks become flat, so it resembles an upturned Kit kat
"I've been sitting here for seven fucking hours man"
"I bet you have a right Kit Kat arse!"
by Barclay teh Great March 07, 2009
The act of excreting.
- I'm off to the shitters, i need to curl one out
- Oh my god, did you see the poo button, that was sick how he curled out on her chest
by Barclay teh great October 20, 2008
Feeling depressed, down, sad, buggered, for a variety of reasons. Called as such as it the emotion is said to reflect coldplays music.
-Dude, eddie's feeling coldplay
-I know, his parents died and his brother raped then murdered his gf before turning the gun on himself
-Poor sod
by Barclay teh great October 20, 2008
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