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The lethargic almost comatose-like state you are in after ingesting too much Klonopin (prescription tranquilizer). The word pinned obviously derived from KlonoPIN.
Darren took one look at me and he could tell that I was totally PINNED TO THE MAT.
by Barbiegirl007 May 25, 2006
Having tiny little rounded teeth that are disproportionately small for the owners mouth.
"He would be a hottie if it weren't for those TIC TAC TEETH".
by Barbiegirl007 June 13, 2006
Another term for purchasing cocaine so that others won't know what you're discussing.
"So Lola and I were at the club last night getting pretty drunk and Tracy showed up and then TINKERBELL SLAPPED ME".
by Barbiegirl007 April 28, 2006
Cotton mice is a box of tampons.
I need to get a box of cotton mice from the store.
by Barbiegirl007 June 23, 2006
Term used to describe any slutty girl.
Trish was at my party last night and fucked three guys she didn't even know, she is complete BONERSTORAGE!
by Barbiegirl007 April 02, 2006
Any social gathering, party, or event that is occupied by mostly men looking to get laid.
"Jamie and I walked into the club last night and it was a total SWINGING DICK FEST".
by barbiegirl007 February 05, 2006
When a really fat girl tries to smush her fat self into clothing that she has no business wearing. Can be seen wearing halter tops, hot pants, bikinis, belly shirts, low-rise jeans, generally wears clothing that should only be worn by thin girls. Thinks she looks great in it!
Oh my god, look at the one in the tube top and the hot pants over there...she must have REVERSE ANOREXIA! She must weigh 150 pounds, doesn't she realize how fat she is?
by Barbiegirl007 January 05, 2006
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