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1 definition by BarbieBitch420

One of the worst universities in Canada, as it fails to make it on the top 100 list of Canadian Universities. Those who are dumb enough to get enrolled there and accept usually drop out and/or do nothing successful with their lives. Most of those who attend the University of Windsor are scared to move away from home and leave their parents, and/or are of the less fortunate as they cannot afford to study abroad. Those who attend the University of Windsor think they are the shit, but really will not get anywhere in life as the evil spirits of Windsor, Ontario have unfortunately sucked them in for the rest of eternity.
A professor from the University of Windsor came to my international boarding school to give a speech today and not one person showed up!


I heard the University of Windsor is the worst university in Canada!


Dude you go to the Univeristy of Windsor? How basic, you should transfer.
by BarbieBitch420 May 29, 2011