12 definitions by Barbie

a little baby :)
aww look its bambi!
by barbie March 11, 2004
a really hot guy who goes to owen and is 16, almost 17, whose birthday is April 5th. And he just happens to be dating Barbie. He works at abercrombie and he drives a very cool car.
"Wow thommy, the leather seats in your car heat up!"
by barbie March 02, 2004
1 hard; stern;severe
2 obstinate
3 sullen;gloomy;forbidden
That is dour for you to do.
by Barbie October 29, 2003
spud is hot but short. but not shorter than me. i hooked up with him on spring break then had a dream about him and he got morbidly obese. but in real life i bet he's still hot. he has a fun accent...ask him to tell you that he "burnt his fucking finger"
joanne: why are you giving spud the death look and growling at him
me: because...
by barbie April 17, 2005
a common use fot the word bitch only edited for television uses.
I'm rich nitch I'm a real big tymer....Mannie Fresh
by Barbie November 07, 2004

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