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As in "The Echlin Family", a family who lives in a small suburban-like neighbourhood named Leaside in Canada. They are a family built of trust, honor, credibility and most of all, a sweet ass Sky-Blue Merc-S500 driven by none-other than the Honorbale Randall.....randy is the best in the west, yea
Check out that playa, he almost Echlin status homie.
by Barbara McBridesonlofski April 24, 2005
A Daris, is a person who keeps very high horizons in all aspects of life; clothing, cars, dwellings and also gats. A Daris is a person who hasn't any time to deal with the scum and dirt of society crawling on the city's sidewalks, hustling for a mere amount of crack and roaches. A Daris is filling accounts and stacking cash in his time.
Look at that fellow in his Bentley, he's like a Daris. I wish I was a Daris. Boy, I really don't like homeless people, they should be wiped off the planet.
by Barbara McBridesonlofski April 24, 2005

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