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3 definitions by Barack Obama's new dog

the female version of the cock blocker. A female who prevents another female from having sex with someone.
Jane: I want to see Kyle tonite to watch a movie and snuggle.

Mary: Well how about I stop by around 10:30 then and we can all go to see that She's Just not that into you movie?

Jane: I swear to god Mary you need to quit twat swatting me because I just want to get some dick from Kyle. I mean Jesus Mary, you twat swat me like everytime I see Kyle, I just want to spend some time alone with him. You need to quit being a no-good twat swatter!

Mary: Oh my God Jane, I had no idea I was twat swattin' you like that. I apologize and it will not happen again.

Jane: Oh Mary thank you so much. I am sorry for being such a Ho-ma. I just haven't gotten to ride the bologna pony for like 3 weeks now.
by Barack Obama's new dog February 07, 2009
a slut, prostitute, or whore
You're such a ho-ma when you go down on me as you do supercool!
by Barack Obama's new dog February 07, 2009
a kid who would do a lot of crazy shit. i.e. ride a bike in a lake for five dollars but wouldn't get the five dollars because everyone would just laugh as soon as he fell in the water. Also, a kid who would carry a briefcase and/or smoke a lot of weed and do various crazy things.
Jon: Did you hear what krazy kid did yesterday?

Dan: No, what happened?

Jon: We caught him skipping school and smoking weed in our neighbors shed.

Dan: Hahaha that's so crazy!
by Barack Obama's new dog February 07, 2009