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Eric Clapton was labeled "God" by the British after his playing with John Mayall in 1966. If you do a google on "Clapton is God" you might find a picture of the famous wall with the graffiti "Clapton is God" spray painted on it. For those not familiar with Clapton, he is NOT just the guy that did Tears in Heaven. Many years before that he was known as one of the best blues guitarist in england and the greatest (some Hendrix fans would argue this point) rock guitarist of his generation. With John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, he played a reverent form of music, the blues, and did it with incredible emotion and facility. And I have nothing against Roger Waters, but in terms of the depth and breadth of their total bodies of work, he does not measure up (i do not consider co writing some songs with Pink Floyd and churning out maybe two decent solo albums in the last 30 years the stuff legends are made of)
What the fuck are you smoking to think that a pretentious art-fag like Roger Waters can even compare to GOD!!!
by BannedFromUtopia April 03, 2004

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