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21 definitions by Bangboy

Slang for being shot.
Well, he does have 5 bullet holes in his body, so I'd guess the cause of death would've been high speed lead poisoning!
by bangboy October 10, 2005
..to masturbate.
Damn....Mark hasn't gotten any strange for like 5 years. The only release he gets is doing the 5 knuckle shuffle on the piss pump. Poor f*cking bastard!
by bangboy December 30, 2009
To go berserk on someone. Named for the chimpanzee that attacked a woman in Connecticut that had to be shot by the police. He attempted to tear her face off in a complete fit of simian rage.
Dude, Paul will go Travis on you when he finds out you've been secretly dating his girl!
by bangboy March 08, 2009
The act of a girl checking whatever has just been pulled out of her ass (dildo, cock, fingers, etc) for any poo residue before she places said object into her mouth. Frequently combined with an ATM or A2M.
Dude, it was so cool last night! I pulled my cock from Jill's ass and she didn't even perform a poo check before puting it in her mouth and blowing me!
by bangboy March 14, 2007
A black guy who dresses white in mostly Abocrombie & Fitch
Leroy gets allk the white tail now that he's dressing A&F

Blackacrombie, dude, that's why
by Bangboy January 02, 2009
The act of a black man having sex with a white woman.
Leroy nailed Kelly last night! When her dad finds out she did a black dude he'll freak!

Crow in the snow, dude...
by bangboy May 13, 2009
A chronic disease suffered by a good friend of mine. Symptoms include yakking it up when he should be keeping his pie-hole shut.
Ken:Hey Norm, remember the time you, me & the 3 Mormon chicks....
Norm: Hey Ken, STFU! My wife's right here and doesn't need to hear about how I banged that Morman every day for 2 straight months in a row! You f*ing have irritable jowel syndrome, dude~~
by bangboy December 26, 2009