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(A long version is sometimes heard, example: "It's just bitches and hos, man, bitches and hos".

A common variant is "Bitches is just hos, man.")

This is a modern-day phrase some guys use to comfort a male friend who is pining for a special woman (or who is lamenting being rejected by her, or who was recently dumped by his girlfriend).

The guys who use this phrase to comfort their friends could use it sincerely or insincerely.

When used sincerely, the sensitive friend may realize that despite the crass language, the person using this phrase is only trying to make them feel better.

Typically, in this situation, the person using the phrase uses it IRONICALLY, and may in fact have a decent respect for women. The sensitive friend may pick up on this irony/humor.

When used insincerely, the sensitive friend (who may respect women) may start an argument with the person who used the phrase, since in this case the person who said it displayed a sexist attitude while saying it.

In the examples, carefully note the two different deliveries of the phrase by DF1 (sensitive) and DF2 (insensitive), and the two correspondingly divergent reactions of SD.

I am sure there are other deliveries (emotional tones) out there for this phrase, and also thus different meanings for it. Please add them.

The exact origin of this phrase is not clear... I cannot tell if it was actually originally meant to be sexist or ironic.

Sensitive Dude:

"I don't know if I will ever get over

(insert girl's name here).

She was and is the single most perfect, talented, intelligent, and awesome girl I've ever met in my life, with a great personality, beautiful looks, a wonderful outlook on life, etc. etc. I'm just miserable knowing that she doesn't like me as much as I like her."


Sensitive Dude's friend

(let's call him Dude Friend 1):

"Don't worry about it, it's just bitches and hos man, bitches and hos. I'm sure you'll find someone else, because there are a lot of people in this world."

Sensitive Dude ('s reaction):

"Haha I guess you're right, man... she is so damn awesome that I want to stay friends with her no matter the emotional torture, but you're right: I have to keep looking, maybe I will find someone else."


Sensitive Dude's other friend

(lets call him Dude Friend 2): "It's just bitches and hos man, bitches and hos. You shouldn't even give a rat's ass about her, because bitches is all alike and they ain't worth shit homie."

Sensitive (yet surprisingly tough) Dude ('s reaction):

"Why you- !!!" (fistfight ensues)
by Bandy Banret January 13, 2012

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