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super snuggly sweetness like yo mama never even THOUGHT to give you....the greatest love that ever could come from someone other than Sesame Street...I'm talking love like..."BLAM-POW-SNIZZLE-SNAP-SNIPPLE!!"
ChiDoll made me get all gooey and warm inside
by Bandit69 September 21, 2003
The coolest chick on the planet....she rides around all day on her segway and tries to run over asshats, listening to Evanesance on her mack daddy stereo that she had installed on the segway.
PunkOMama has a hat that looks like a cheeseburger...do you?...no?...then you're no PunkOMama!
by Bandit69 September 14, 2003
super cool scaper...someone that can sing, dance, and mack the ladies
Bloodwynd is a cool Motha...SHUT YO MOUTH!....what?...i'm just talking about Bloodwynd!
by Bandit69 September 14, 2003
an outlaw....man of the night....likes the ladies, beer, and gettin' down.....a true cool brotha
Bandit69 is one bad mutha.....shut yo mouth...what? i'm just talkin' 'bout Bandit69!
by Bandit69 September 14, 2003
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