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A stupid fatboy's fav' joke.
-Hey bro, dya know about French Victory?

-Hmm, let me guess, Indian natives genocide? The Bay Pig humiliation? The Vietnam War retreat? September 11's cutter assault? The 2nd Irak War, our bravest fight versus peasants?

-Er, I think these are actually some of our finest American Victories! Don't you have any idea?

-No dude, sorry but I don't even know where's France, I'm just an ordinary American fatboy you know. I've heard of this animal stuff, named "Napolion" (sorry I can't handle special characters, it's way too complicate for us yanks) or some, but he was not French, he was from Corsica I've heard on my fav cultural show, the Jerry Springer Show! Corsica must be a small town in Louisiana. Mom told me about Charles Martel (sounds funny hihi!), Hastings and the occupation of England but she might be wrong, afterall French language is made of more than 60% of English words, it can't be! Like our finest America-bred philosoph, President George Walter Bush, said once "the weird with French is they don't even have a name for 'entrepreneur'!" I bet it on the Statue of Liberty, our finest achievement, our old American glory!

-Dammit! My History exam is tomorrow, I'm too dumb to open an History book and check about this shit.

-Hosterlitz, or Austerlitz maybe (too many letter in this word, i'm not used to handle such complicated spelling!), French kicking ass of the Brits, the Russians and the Germans together!

-Fuggedaboutit, Austerlitz is a Cajun food, you're lame boy! French state doesn't have a single standalone victory, while we a 50-state union are experienced fighters, we won versus peasants armies allover the world! We are shitting ourselves about North Korea, but hey! These ones have weapons! We've no chance...
by Bande de peigne-cul !! July 03, 2006

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