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The cutest boys on the planet.
Take the skinny beauty of grunge boys,take the black hair of goth boys and finnaly add the fuck you attitude and studded belts of punk boys and what do you have...?
Why cute lil emo boys of course!
They wear tight pants,like Armor For Sleep and often make out with each other...yum.
They are wet dream worthy.
Gerard Way is a cute lil emo boy.
"I want to fuck that cute lil emo boy but,alas,he has a boyfriend."
by bandanasarerad November 11, 2006
The Original Emo!
*Think* about it....
~Face obstructing hair...the most notrious emo trait!
~Deppresive....ever listened to Hawthorn Heights?
~Liked to make out with male friends...mmm,emo boys kissing!
~Bi-sexual....again,emo boys kissing.
~Very cute...as 99% of emo boys are
~Music Obssesed....as all emo are.
~Daddy Issuses....All Emos have these.
~Bad childhood...most emos claim to have had one. I personally did.

*Woah* I was right!
'I wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black...'
Emoboy:"Was that The Used!?"
EmoGirl:"No you turd,that's Nirvana"
EmoBoy:"Damn..I thought they'd suddenley got awesome."

R.I.P Kurt Cobain.
you can trust me Kurt..I didn't buy the motherfucking "Greatest Hits" album.
Fuck you,whoever put that out (Probably Courtney)
by bandanasarerad August 24, 2006
Home of emos, punks,goths, and lots (and I mean LOTS) of stoner grunge kids. Bad shopping,no music scene,basically the suburban version of London.
Also,lots of snobby rich kids who are *down* with grindie and worsip Alex Turner,even though they've never set foot on a council estate in their lives.
Strangely chav free town.Rumours persist they were hunted down and burned in a 1800s' style way.
Reading:Suburbia in denial.
"Wow,look at that seven year old kid smoking pot and rocking out to Velvet Underground CDs! He's a PRO,man!"

"Let's go to Reading!"
by bandanasarerad September 01, 2006
Female singer who is spitting all over the word "punk".
Says she isn't trying to be punk,but obviously is by adhering to the mainstreams' idea of what punk is.
(Ie:neckties, "s8er bois" ,Green Day)
Loved by dumb teen/pre-teens who need to get some Hole, Bikini Kill and Le Tigre down their throats.
Plays *punk* music,without the politics,anger,meaning or ideals....yeah,baiscially punk without the punk.
Somebody should shoot that bitch. Prefferably John Lydon.
Dumb"rebel"Bitch: "Oh wow Avril Lavigne is sooooo KEWL. Punk Rock! I mean I can totally realate to her songs,having as many problems as I do! *sniff* My Mommy wouldn't even buy those chucks I saw Billie Joe from Green Day wearing! Oh,BTW,you're not punk...you're not wearing a necktie"
Me:"Kill me."

by bandanasarerad September 10, 2006
Film that would have sucked if it wasn't for the hotness of Donnie Darko and the other guy.
Very,very...VERY close to nicely shot gay p33n at times.
I'm 14 and I enjoyed it although it has made me have weird dreams...usually envolving Gerard Way...and Donnie Darko...Gary Oldman...etc
Frank the bunny rabbit: (Watching Brokeback Mountain) So THAT'S what donnie is up to these days...well I be damned.

Me and fwendy:(Watching Brokeback Mountain)Ewww!!!
(Ten seconds later) ~Drool~

Me: Godamn not that dream again! Oh I feel so DIRTY!
by Bandanasarerad August 16, 2006
Lil' emo boy with a magic stick,which he waves around and says "Crucio!" alot.
This poor lil' emo boy,his parents are dead,his shmexy God Father Sirius is dead and to make things worse his best friend is a ginger.
By now you think he'd be a junkie with a bad crack habit but,curiously,he is still a straight lil emo boy who is yet to get laid.
Honestly Harry,do you want me to force feed you the viagra?
In conclusion,Harry Potter is a poor lil emo boy with an awful haircut and homosexual yearnings. The End.
~In cinema~
"Oh My God....mullet ville!"

Harry Potter is teh ghey,yo.
by bandanasarerad November 20, 2006
Protagonist of the best book ever written for teenagers, The Catcher In The Rye. Holden is depressive, narcissistic and self obsessed yet he is strangely sexy and overwhelmingly likeable. Just ask any teenage girl (or boy, if you swing that way): Holden is the sexiest literary character ever.
Yes, even more so than Sirius Black.
Holden refers to everybody as a phoney, hates his private school friends, hates himself and hates just about everything else.
"Damn, I would so spoon Holden Caulfield!"
"If Holden Caulfield were alive today, there is a 98.9% chance that he would be emo...and sexy"
by bandanasarerad January 15, 2007
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