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A store, which sells alot of crap but sometimes some good CDs.
It's a biased company which promotes anarchy and punk rock and some mindless kiddies do actually buy into it.
If you are true punk rock,you'll probably hate the store but might be tempted by the old Black Flag records.
Hot Topic isn't punk rock: DIY is punk rock,living for yourself is punk rock,Minor Threat were punk rock.
Hot Topic is a corporate vulture who breeds off stupid 13 year olds who couldn't tell Jello Biafra from Johhny Rotten.
But sometimes they do have some sweet tees..so it's not all bad.
However, capatalism and punk rock should never,ever have come together...but they have,get over it.
AvrilLavigneFan: OMG,look at this kewl Anarchy badge. Woohoo,I think I'll wear it to sunday school!
PunkyGuy:Urghh....Hot Topic is so mass market and shitty.
Me: Wow...they have the whole Dischord back catolouge in here"
by bandanasarerad November 16, 2006
A film my parents tried (and failed) to stop me watching.
A book my school libary banned (For language. WTF?.Can we all read Nadsat now?)
Clockwork Orange is awesome. (alex is HAWT)
Rage against the machine people!
Sheesh,they'll ban The Catcher in the rye next.
No,WAIT,they have already done that!

Well, well, well! Well if it isn't fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarble, ya eunuch jelly thou!

Hi-hi-hi-hi there! Naughty, naughty, naughty. You filthy old soomka.

Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.

Do you know what you can do with that watch? - Stick it up your arse.

Eggiwegs! I would like... to smash them!

I was cured all right
"Can I rent A Clockwork Orange?"
"Err..err...THERE IS NO SUCH BOOK.Err...hear read this nice Harry Potter book.Yeah that's right..HEh..heh?"

"Will you buy me a Clockwork Orange?"
"What no fourteen year old daughter I won't! And,no,I don't care that there is more sex,violence and nudity on channel four every evening...here watch Harry Potter...kill some braincells.."
by Bandanasarerad August 16, 2006
Ah,Panic! At The Disco...the current favourates of MTV,teenage girls and less scene indie kids.
Listening to them is like being poked by a stick: it's not going to kill you,but it's fucking annoying after a while.
There is a lot of reasons to hate them (or throw a bottle at them),one being that all the members are ugly,that they are all cunts and,oh yeah, all giving blowjobs to Pete Wentz. The only people I know that like Panic! seem to be more interested in how "hot" they all are rather than the quality of the music,and they'll probably be into Cute Is What We Aim For next week.
If you think Panic! At The Disco are great,answer me this:
~Why are all their fans female?
~Why,if they are so awesome,do they get played on MTV? We all know MTV plays music that is mediocre at best.
~You like Panic! At The Disco...are you a fag/dyke?
P!ATDfan:"OMGosh,Panic! At The Disco are soo,like,emo!"
P!ATDfan:"They;re sooo,like,haWT!!!"
P!ATD:"I'm so, like, trendy! Oh I'm so COOL...uh,I mean emo"
Me:*kills P!ATD fan by slicing off head with Bouncing Souls CD*
by bandanasarerad October 18, 2006
A diet lifestlye chosen by usually intelligent people who can see the horrors of intensive,battery, so-called "farming". Others choose it becuase they feel offended by slaughter or simply don't like meat.
Not to be confused with vegans,PETA, animal rights campaigners etc. althought they are sometimes affiliated.
Vegetarians are often laughed at by meat eaters (see moron) but,hey,I'm not the one with 6 pounds of beef rotting in my stomach.
Many vegeatarians are passionate about their respect of animals and believe in humane rights for every living creature,it does not mean they are hippies or terrorists.
Usually vegetarians are very nice,quite liberal people, who have an interest in politics,the arts and anything they fancy. They despise homophobia,racism and sexism due to their caring,slightly anarchic nature. Often they have a anti-corpration,anti-war stance.
Some people are vegetarians for the sake of being vegetarian, as it is "cool". These people are obviously quite dumb.
>>Real-life experiences of a vegetarian<<<

DumbShitHead:"Why you eating salad? They got burgers!"
Me:"I'm a vegetarian"
DumbShitHead:"HaHa,what are you a Christian?"
Me:"No,I'm an atheist,actually."
DumbShitHead:"An AFEE-WHA'?"

DumbBitch:"HaHa,goody-two shoes,not eating meat.Do you like Cliff Richard as well,you hippie fuck?"
Me:"Actually I like Rage Against The Machine,Rise Against and once punched a guy for picking on my gay friend. So you can take your Cliff Richard and shove it up your fat ass."
DumbBitch: *faints at hearing so many big words*

Mom:"You're goona DIE.You're GONNA DIE if you don't eat some meat! Quick EAT SOME!!!.So unhealthy! Don't you want to be HEALTHY?!?!?! Come on,eat genetically modified murders and get healthy like me.ALL VEGETARIANS GONNA DIE!"
Me: *thinks of Davey Havok,Jade Puget,Moz and shakes head*
by bandanasarerad September 05, 2006
A finnish "love metal" band,fronted by the god-like Ville Valo. Recently taken upon by 13 year old TRL watching fangirls,thanks to that n00b Bam Magera. Also have a symbol called the Heartagram which ,again, has been stolen by that n00b Bam Magera.
I like HIM,for me they're like the European Bon Jovi.
"Oh,I love HIM" sighed the sixteen year old goth/crustie as she listened to Buried Alive By Love by HIM.
by bandanasarerad October 21, 2006
Probably the best female fronted band ever.
Highly overlooked by most grunge teenagers.

If you're a teenage girl,your first Hole album may be a life changing experience.
Forget about all the Courtney Love bullshit,just go buy Live Through This. And pick up a Bikini Kill album along the way.

Hated by a lot of people who's only argument is that "Courtney Love is a murdering bitch!"
I think everybody needs to get over that.
It's okay to be an asshole as long as you have a penis. If you're a girl,you're just a whore.
Grrr...and grrr again.
Hole changed my life. Thank God there's a girl in the world as pissed off as me.Even if she is a tad strange.

Do you really need another Nirvana album?
by bandanasarerad September 16, 2006
Christmas Eve each year a fat man dressed in red (possibly to hide the blood) rides around on a "magical flying sleigh" led by drunk reindeers with names like Prancer (Yes:teh ghey),breaks into your home,steals your cookies and leaves crappy gifts that last till Boxing Day.
This criminal is thought to be armed and dangerous and has many doubles around the world that molest children that sit on their laps in malls.
He also has an army of evil munchkins who make crappy toys and kick people in their shins. They have also be known to partake in orgies.
If you approach him,he'll most likely yell "ho,ho,ho!" and shoot you with his laser gun.
Be afraid children,be very afraid.
Despite his name being chillingly close to Satan,Santa claims he is commiting all these henious on Christmas Eve crimes in the name of Jesus.
So we must conclude that not only is Santa evil,but so is Jesus. Amen.
by bandanasarerad October 30, 2006

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