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OMG: Three simple letters that have many,many reasons.
Here are the well known ones:
1.~Oh My God:Used to exclaim shock,joy,ectasy,anger, fear ...just about every emotion there is. May result in *pain* if said anywhere near fundamentalist CR-AAA-ZY Catholic/Christian types. See "Oh my Allah!" for muslims.

Christain : *punch*

2.~Oh My Goth:Used as a putdown for those seen as "gothic". Goths' rarely find this offensive.But if they do,run for your life! *Has flashback*


And the lesser known ones....
3.~Oily Men Grunting.
A well known gay porn film,featuring Italian men. Does what it says on the tin.

"Oooh,after Brokeback Mountain I fancy OMG!"
"Oily Men Grunting,of course!"

4.~ Over Medicated Generation.
The present generation.Our over medicated state leads to strange behaviour. See "Emo","Emo Boys Kissing" and "MTV"
for more evidence.

"Here,Honey take your pills with your brekkie!"
"Snap,crackle and prozac!"
OMG: It never ceases to amuse.
by bandanasarerad August 25, 2006
To be both cute and emo.
"Gah,you're looking so cutemo right now!"

Conor Oberst is cutemo
by bandanasarerad November 15, 2006
A much hated and derided form of music that got popular somewhere between Nirvana and The Spice Girls. It basically took all the complexities of metal and replaced it with rap/hip hop elements.
Bands included: Limp Bizkit,Korn,Slipknot,Insane Clown Posse,Papa Roach and,to an extent,Evanescence and Lostprophets.
Mostly they were shitty beyond shitty but some bands were occasionally good. Korn usually throw out brilliant mosh music and Slipknot are always entertaning.
Nu metal was regarded by some as 80 hair metal for the modern generation,many more publically blasted it but secretly enjoyed it. That's what Nu Metal was really: a HUGE guilty pleasure. Shame on us all for being a part of it.
Once Limp Bizkit lumbered along the horizon,that dumb fuck Fred Durst singing about "Nookie" and "Rollin" like the bastard child of Vannila Ice and Monica Lewinsky,Nu Metal was officially dead. If it was ever alive,that is.
Nu Metal has been succesfully glossed over in the history books,much like Bon Jovi or The War. Slipknot are still trodding their music out to an ever depleating fanbase of 8 year olds,Korn are still doing their things like a 90s nostalgia act and everybody else has either died or retired. Linkin Park have "removed" their Nu Metal sound and Papa Roach has "gone sexy". Heaven help us!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>News just in: Due to the current rise of emo bands,some people are actually starting to miss Nu Metal.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
"Oh bring back Nu Metal!" wailed the teenage girl as she watched MTV. "Anything but THIS! No,I do not want a Panic! At The Fucking Disco CD!!!"
by bandanasarerad October 21, 2006
Something that is ruining most bands.
Even the ones not connected with the mainstream.
"Yeah,I used to like My Chemical Romance,but then all those dumb fangirls sarted leeching off them. So I dropped them,because I didn't want to be accosiated with a fangirl."
True Story...
by bandanasarerad October 10, 2006
LMBFAO can mean one of two things:
1.Laughing My Big Fucking Ass Off.
2.Laughing My Butt Fucking Ass Off.
Both are very odd things to say.
They cause confusion among many.
PersonA: Yeah,so I saw Brokeback Mountain...
PersonA:*wonders if personB is fat or gay*
PersonA:*wonders which is worse*
by bandanasarerad September 19, 2006
Awesome indie/low budget film about hot Italian teenage boys who fall in love.
WARNING:This film may(does) contain hawt italian boys....doing the nasty..Brokeback Mountain style
" What did you have in here last night,an orgy?"
Nico and Dani
by Bandanasarerad August 16, 2006
1.An art house film by cult direcor Gus van Sant(My Own Private Idaho,Dugstore Cowboy) based loosely on the Columbine High School shootings. There's a huge controvesy over whether the killers were portrayed as gay or not. Sure,they kiss in the shower,but one look at emo boys kissing shows you that this isn't exactly a tabbo subject for teenagers anymore. It's a good film,and a good way to vent frustation after a hard days worth of name-calling and beatings from jocks at high school. Just don't get any ideas...
2.Also a clever grey animal.
Nerd:"One of these days I'm gonna get Elephant on your ass"
Jock:~resumes beating nerd~

2. "Look! An Elephant! And this one still has it's tusks! Elephants are fun!
by bandanasarerad October 06, 2006

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