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Each year in Kazakhstan,there is the annual running of the Jew. A man dressed up as Jew is chased down street by Kazakhstani people. Sometimes it lays an egg.

If you've seen the Borat movie,you'll know what I mean.
~Running Of The Jew~
Borat: "Ah,the Jew is laying an egg! Quick,that it children,smash the jew chick!"
by bandanasarerad November 11, 2006
To be hit in the face with a water bottle,as made poular by Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie at the 2006 Reading and Leeds Festival. Often has hilarious effects.
"That motherfucker stole my bitch,I'm gonna Bredon Urie him!"~Throws water bottle~"Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!"
An example of beeing Brendon Urie'd
by bandanasarerad September 04, 2006
A HUGE part of my childhood.
Along with The Simpsons (when it was still mildly funny),that cartoon about the shrimpy thingies that live under the sea with lil' tooty things on their heads and not forgetting the *wondrous* Little Bear Stories.
I loved it at age 8-10,now I just think it's creepy....
Kenan and Kel,a comedy American show about *ZANY!!!* black teenagers.One of them had a prominent addiction to orange soda,the other was a fat nark with NO chance of getting laid....OH MY GOD! It was racist!!!!
by bandanasarerad August 25, 2006
Fucking Amazing Post-Hardcore/Goth Band From California.
They Have A Male/Female Vocals Thing Going On And It's Not Unusual To Hear A Violin Everyonce In A While.
They have described their sound as rock opera for goth or hardcore kids.
They Are Cooler Than You.
I Am Ghost:
We Are Always Searching
Lovers Requiem
by bandanasarerad November 09, 2006
A campaign started by Maynard James Keenan of Tool to free Frances Bean Cobain from her crazy Momma Courtney Love.
We one day hope to suceed.
Free Frances Bean!
Save her from that Cobain killing bitch!
by bandanasarerad January 06, 2007
1. A term used to descibe self-hatred.
2. Also a short lived 80s hardcore band. No,really!
1. "I hate myself" muttered Kurt Cobain
2. I Hate Myself are a great band!
by bandanasarerad October 22, 2006
Lead singer and main song writer of New Jersey band My Chemical Romance,one of the very few bands like by the mainstream who do whatever THEY want.Jumps around like a sex-crazed monkey on prozac while on stage and is very kind to his fans. Often called "Hot oh em gee!" by teeny boppers who are very,very mad that he cut his hair. They're out for blood,I tells ya!
Gerard enjoys horror movies,comic books (he had his own line coming out soon,called the Halloween Academy,I think)and has has an obbsesion with death from a young age.
His voice ranges from beautiful to the scream of a mental patient. Adored by tens of thousands of teenagers worldwide,for showing them it's OK to be fucked up.Despite popular belief,not all MCR fans have a desire to have his babies,though I wouldn't complain.
"This shit is easy peasy pumpkin peasy...pumpkin pie motherfucker!"

"Okay, I am going to make this to the point. I AM a homosexual, But I'm really comfortable for who I am. I will be who I want to be. So please don't care about my sexual orientation, care about my music. If you think it's wrong to be a homosexual, then you're actually sorely mistaken. So please, just show your pride. "
Note: That one above,it's probably sacrcasm...o_0!

"Just 'cause you're bigger than me, just 'cause you're smarter than me, just 'cause you drive a better car than me, does not mean, no way no how, that I'm sucking you off. For any amount of money."
Gerard Way
by bandanasarerad September 07, 2006

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