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Dreaming of sexual intercourse with many different ethnic woman of color.
Jack, " Bro I had a dream i was flying last night."
Steve, " I had a crayola dream last night."
Jack, " you win."
by Bandana Raburn September 14, 2011
chafing so badly near your genitals the temperature becomes hot enough to fry an egg.
JT, " Bro I'm eggz benedicked out mang ."

Mike, " you gottzd tah gold bond that shit cuh."

JT, " shiiiiiiiit."
by Bandana Raburn September 17, 2011
hitting yourself in the nuts with your own hard on.
Tom, " Bro i just got a case of Lumber nuts."
Brian, " that sucks man."
by Bandana Raburn September 13, 2011

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