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Tight fitting, if not slightly long, nylon pants. Often with excess of 8 pockets/zippers, parachute pants were rampant in the Eighties. They were brought back to the market sometime in the mid-Nineties as 'Nylon Jeans'. Parachute pants are often mistaken for Baggy or poofy 'MC Hammer-esque' pants, which in actuality are known as ASTRO-pants.
Skariachi saxophonist/singer Kole 'Flash' Maravilla is a large supporter of the Parachute pants.
by Band Of Retired Superheroes January 06, 2005
Baggy or Poofy 'MC Hammer-esque' pants. Often misnomed Parachute Pants.
"Astro pants are for losers. Real men wear Parachute pants. Duh."
by Band Of Retired Superheroes January 06, 2005
7-piece ska-punk band from River City, Vermont. Led by Bopper, the River City Rebels (Also RCR) tear up the east coast live and rock the nation on recording.
ME: Who can argue with a name like "Bopper"?!?!
Yar-Yar: Someone named Jungle-Face, The Scientist, Patti Botox, Sacy Jack, or Brandon HeartAttack!
by Band Of Retired Superheroes January 06, 2005
Rock Band + Horn Section = Ska. If singing is in a monotone (i.e. Streetlight Manifesto) and not have anyon notice or care because the bass kicks, the guitar is hot like fire, and the horn section is just plain better than everything else combined, you might be Ska. Also, if there are more than 5 people, it's a good indicator of ska.
River City Rebel's Horn section rocks just as much as the guitars.
by Band Of Retired Superheroes January 06, 2005
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