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(n.) Male ejaculation.
Someone drew a picture of a love explosion on the wall, next to a previous drawing of your mum.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
(n.) Any unfortunate event that closely resembles a prior one, that could have been avoided had people payed attention to history.
The Conservative governments' idea to re-introduce poll tax in the 80s was history repeating itself, as the peasants revolted as they did over 600 years before. Only now, they had workers' unions and a mortgage.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
Some fruit drink shit
See crazy vimto
When I go swimming, I don't have any swimwear that fits, so I use a can on vimto to cover my dangley bits
by Banastre July 16, 2004
(adj.) Very boring and repetitive. Unpopular, monotonous and insipid
The employee walked into her boss' office and claimed he had all the personality of an airport departure lounge.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
Method of thinking, manner of drawing ones premises.
One was a left-leaning Atheist, the other was a wealthy Catholic minister with a good edication. They had different premises but held a mutual respect because they were from the same school of thought.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
The exact opposite of history repeating itself. This is where a party DOES take heed of what happened in the past and rectifies the plan to lead to a better future.
The big Three took a warning from history and decided not to punish Germany after world war II with another Versaille treaty.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
(n.) WWF/WCW/WWE wrestler who hekd the world heavyweight championship belt for ages in the 80s (must have been over a year). Recognised by non-wrestling fans by the fact he appeared ina Rocky movie
Hulk Hogan was a crap wrestler, but he knew how to sell it to the crowd, and get an arena chanting.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
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