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And outer suburb of Melbourne.
Scum, basically. Close to an industrial area and previously a sewage farm (which is why is smells so bad, although that could also be attributed to most of the residents)

Constantly defending why Werribee is so awesome (even though it's a sewer) only reveals their insecurity, and bragging about some football team does this even more.

Despite a fair amount of good, middle class families in werribee there are a lot of scum there as well. These are the people that are most noted when walking through Werribee Plaza, if ever you are so brave.

Westie teenagers beating their chests and screaming the praises of Werribee to the world, then spouting abuse when someone points out it's a dump are the main feature of the suburb.
Dude: Yo, my brosky, Werribee is SO AWESOME.

Person: err......why?
Dude: We have BORN LEGENDS living here.......
Person: Like who??
Dude: Anyone who plays for the Werribee Juniors. All legends!

Person: Really? I thought they were just a bunch of hairy westies running around after a ball........

Dude:How about you give me your name or number and i'll come to where ever the fuck you live, and beat the piss out of you, you piece of ass for a face.
Person: *shakes head* sigh.......Werribee
by Bananananatime May 26, 2010

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