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the act of putting ur chud in a blender and adding come shit in the mix to freshen the smell, you shall dress up as santy and feed it to infants on christmas eve to boost up your communitry service hours
Girl: I hope Santa comes daddy!

Dad: Sure, maybe you'll get that Mexican Chud Twister you've been asking for.
by BananaMushFan27 June 02, 2010
To ram a sexual partner from behind with great, desperate velocity, usually with lips pursed, buttocks clenched and jowls shaking. Derived from the "Michael Douglas" style of explicit onscreen sex in the 1990s. Can also be used figuratively.
Wife: Honey, can I have a Dougie again.

Husband: Sure, I give girls Dougie's all the time.
by BananaMushFan27 June 01, 2010

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