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A sexual position. It is like the 69 oral sex position. but you guessed it... standing. It requires strength, determination and being able to be upside down for a while. In a single sex 69 standing the lighter partner is upside down while both partners perform oral sex on the other. In hetro relationships, the girl is upside down. The one standing is usually the one hold the other up. Usually performed by gymnasts and circus folk. WARNING: do not try while cartwheeling.
OMG I just 69ed standing with Olivia, she's so fat.

Thank god my boy is ripped so he can hold me while we 69 standing

Did you hear about Chloe and Andy! They tried to do the 69 cartwheel! Now Andy is a girl and Chloe has stitches in her p*ssy
by Bambibecky June 12, 2011

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