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Thermans are classified as the third gender among humans. They are anatomically different from females and males, and they mate sexually with the male species. They have a unibreast with one testicle hanging from the nipple. Fortunately, there are no nerve endings within their single breast and they may regenerate a lost testicle at will. Thermans have wings sprouting from their shoulder blades (wingspan = 4 ft) and they may fly at altitudes up to 1000km. Most Thermans reside in the citadel of Thermanica, next to Mt. Everest and shrouded in the heavens.
In the year 2346, the Thermans will shadow our Earth with their wings. The Day of Judgment is upon us and we will see no rise of light ‘til the emergence of God. Humans will rage against their own kin, blood will spill upon the luscious fruits of innocence, and the merciless will reign. It will not be the coming of the Thermans that foreshadow the apocalypse; the finger of blame will be laid upon the citizens of Earth as they approach their untimely doom.

But He who holds the sacred staff of crystallized gold will have the supremacy to resurrect the fallen ones from the land of the Unknown. The deceased will rise and the sinners will live as their bodies regenerate from the lost matter sent hurling into the chaos. Once departed from this realm, they will return with a clean-slate in the holy city of Thermanica. In the midst of the Almighty, they will learn the ways of the colossal beings.
by BambiWong April 14, 2009

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